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Kitchen Bathroom Remodel Oceanside Carlsbad

Plan carefully

  • Select a good contractor who will come to your home to help you understand
    the cost of your remodel
  • Ensure the designer gives you what you require and not what they think you need.


  • Select a contractor who offers a variety of products to accommodate budgets of all sizes
  • Understand all the cost options available to you

Protect your investment

  • Check contractor license number. Web site:
  • Ensure your contractor has general liability insurance and worker’s compensation
  • Request and contact at lease three references who have done the type of remodel you are considering. Ask specific questions. Does the contractor maintain a clean and safe working environment? Are all materials available before start of project? Are sub-contractors used? What are the contractor’s hours of work?

Written warranties

  • A good contractor will ensure you have manufacturers product warranties when your
    Remodel is complete.
  • A great contractor will guarantee labor up to a year.

Finally…bottom line

  • Work with a contractor you feel safe and comfortable with knowing they will be in your home for a number of weeks.

Servicing all North County San Diego
Carlsbad, La Costa, Encinitas, San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Escondido, Leucadia and Fallbrook.

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